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    2,268 : 40% Discount and Free Plan Upgrade - We are off our rockers!!

    Its finally spring, and we are doing some spring cleaning so to speak. We are looking to clean out the rest of the open spaces on a few of our servers, and we want you to fill them. So with that said we are offering the most amazing deal we have come up with to date.

    BRSPRING Special
    40% discount on your first payment, up to 1 year of hosting and a free plan upgrade to the next larger plan.

    So what that means is if you signup for instance for our BR04 plan at $159.50/year you only pay $95.70 for the first year, and we then upgrade your plan to the BR05 package. So you get 5Gb Space and 100Gb Bandwidth for $95.70 which is a $163.80 savings.

    To get this special deal simply use the coupon code 'BRSPRING'. It will give you a 40% discount for that 1 invoice. So if you signup monthly you only get the 40% discount that 1 month, if you signup yearly you get the 40% discount for the full year.

    If you have any questions contact us at [email protected]

    Check Out Our Plans Below:

    [BR01 Plan] (Special Promotion Quota)
    500MB space (1GB Space)
    10GB Bandwidth (20GB Bandwidth)
    Host 10 Domains
    $39.50/year CDN ($23.79/year)
    ~$35.10/year USD

    [BR02 Plan]
    1000MB Space (2GB Space)
    20GB Bandwidth (40GB Bandwidth)
    Host 20 Domains
    $59.50/year CDN ($35.70/year)
    ~$53.00/year USD

    [BR03 Plan]
    2000MB Space (3GB Space)
    40GB Bandwidth (60GB Bandwidth)
    Host 40 Domains
    $109.50/year CDN ($65.70/year)
    ~$98.00/year USD

    [BR04 Plan]
    3000MB Space (5GB Space)
    60GB Bandwidth (100GB Bandwidth)
    Host 60 Domains
    $159.50/year CDN ($95.70/year)
    ~$141.75/year USD

    [BR05 Plan]
    5000MB Space (10GB Space)
    100GB Bandwidth (150GB Bandwidth)
    Host 100 Domains
    $259.50/year CDN ($155.70/year)
    ~$230.60/year USD

    [January Special] - Available only on US Servers.
    15000MB Space (20GB Space)
    200GB Bandwidth (250GB BW)
    Host 200 Domains
    $499.50/year CDN ($299.70)
    ~$400/year USD

    If you have any questions, or would like a quote on a custom package please email us at [email protected] or PM me here.

    I will update the thread when we reach our limit.
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