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    * ServeraSuite Server Monitor 10% Off - Limited Time Offer

    We have decided to extend the ServeraSuite introductory offer, as we have had many requests to try the product before buying. We realized that the timeframe we placed on the introductory offer did not exactly permit a trial period.

    We have now implemented a 7 day trial, and extended the offer

    For a limited time only get ServerSuite 10% Off!

    • Restart Servers & Services*
    • Monitor your server remotely from your desktop!
    • Popup & Email notification (SMS only available in the US)
    • Seperate addressbook for each server group.
    • Email templates to customize the information sent to each person in each addressbook.
    • Server load balance monitoring
    • Port monitoring
    • Custom Ports
    • Server reboots
    • Unlimited Server Groups
    • Event logs & Event Log Archive
    • Monitor Top 5 running processes.
    • Minimizes to Task tray

    *Server and service restarts require appropriate server user permissions, via SSH.

    Servera StatSync™ Available - Bonus
    avidInteractive Software also offers Servera StatSync for ServeraSuite users. StatSync allows our servers to monitor your servers and keep uptime statistics, even in the event that ServeraSuite is not running on your desktop! Servera StatSync is an additional $5.99/mo, and allows you to link to uptime statistics directly from your own website! As a special offer, we will include Servera StatSync service at no additional cost for a period of 1 year, for anyone who uses this introductory coupon.

    For more information
    For more information or screenshots of ServeraSuite, please visit:

    Try before you buy
    you can use the following link to signup and download a free 7 day trial of ServeraSuite™

    How to order
    You can order from:


    As always, we look forward to welcoming you to the avidInteractive family!
    Mark - Owner/Lead Designer
    Lead vocalist for Circle7: Circle7 on MTV

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    We have updated this offer to match the last run of this offer. You will now get 30% off with the above mentioned coupon code. This brings the software down to only $49
    Mark - Owner/Lead Designer
    Lead vocalist for Circle7: Circle7 on MTV

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