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    Backend Management Systems

    Can anyone tell me who offers backend management control systems (e.g. account setup, billing, etc -- no customer CP, strictly backend)?

    Here's the list I have:

    - Ensim (ServerXchange)
    - Sphera (HostingDirector)
    - Positive Software (H-Sphere)
    - Advanced Communications (HostingController)
    - SWsoft (HSPcomplete)

    What do I need to add/remove?

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    I am in the process of writing a very nice and powerful billing software but it will be limited to and ensim

    Anyhow there is also modernbill and perlbill..

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    I'm trying to compile a list of complete backend management systems that handles more than billing management.

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    The new windows CP called Helm ( is another one. Its rich with features including the ones you mentioned.

    Its being released in a couple of months.

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    Yes, I've read about that, but I really want a list of CPs that are active on the market. And I would like to know if the systems I listed are classified as "complete backend management systems".

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    Alabanza does it all except you can only is it on there servers..

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    Originally posted by globalwebhos
    Alabanza does it all except you can only is it on there servers..
    Which are quite expensive. I want to add companies that only sell the systems to my list.

    So does anyone have any suggestions about what to add/remove from my list...?

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