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    SPAM from evil companies targeting providers.

    Ok.. What irks me. Is all those companies who get ahold of your email address which you post no where public except a place like webhostingtalk. Then you start to get offers like this....

    As you are well aware just having a website won't make you money. In order to get
    all of the online business you can handle, you need to know how to get all of the
    online traffic you can handle. This is what the Express Engine Ranking can do for
    Xtreme Targeted Competitor Website Campaigns
    Imagine being able to show your ads on your competitor's web sites........Well.......

    Now you can do just that at an affordable price!
    I hate this stuff.

    The email was automated from the email addres [email protected]

    Why the hell would I pay a company who spammed me to advertise (spam) others?

    Thats crazy. Yes this is a rant.
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    I got the same spam to an address that has no connection with hosting at all.

    The 'service' this place offers is even worse than the spam they use to promote it. Bragging about how they can stick your ads on your competitor's sites. Or purchase keywords and have your ad plopped on any site with that keyword in their title/site name. I don't understand people who use these kinds of advertising schemes. Doesn't anyone realize that if you can do it to someone else, they can also do it to you? Why support these companies with your ad money?

    Ok, I am off my soapbox for now.

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