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    Almost done, suggestions please

    Alright, I think I am almost done with my site

    Any Suggestions?
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    On the top navigation the 'Forum' image is spelt wrong. Might want to fix that. As for your overall look, it's decent. I do not really like it much. One suggestion would be to round out edges more. Square edges look primitive. At least for me they do.

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    Well I would shrink the navigation font a pixel or so, right now there is not enough space between them, or if you keep the same font size, I would suggest maybe placing a | between links, so they are clearly defined.

    Also with the nav, I would use CSS if all you want is simple background color change on mouseovers, with CSS it speeds up load time and requires no delay upon the mouseover.

    With the plan teasers, you need to make the "details" and "purchase" links a separate color than the font itself. -- coming soon to an internet near you...

    Oklahoma Sooners all the way baby!!

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