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    Please tell me what you think, I know it's a small community now, but we have a web designer making us a great homepage and we are growing everyday, please feel free to sign up and post a few messages, we have one of the fastest registration processes on the web.

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    BTW, I really like this site, great job!

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    Thanks eric, I spent a lot of work making this site .

    That's a nice forum, I like blue and white. Well doesn't everybody?
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    lol, i guess it does look a little like this page, we're working on different skins as well, with a focus on custimization, unlike bigger sites where it's their way or the highway, I really like Ikonboard and vBulletin because they focus on changing the layout, I just wish we had more members to keep the board intresting

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    Your iKonBoard looks basic. Seems as if your using the default style. Not much customization if any. Which isn't a bad thing. Just something that is a little hard to critique.

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    i know an IB is hard to review, hopefully we will have an actual homepage and our site will be a lot bigger, just a question to the webmaster(s) here, when you were just starting, what did you do to get more visitors?

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    these are great smiles, where did you get em?

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    the design and colors of the board look good.

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    Nice boards...
    Just a note to look out for...
    Each time my clients Ikonboards db's got over 50meg in size it would kill it!!
    Couldn't figure it out so they changed to phpBB

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    oh wow what are the odds...
    at my site my name is snake, and my name is eric r. if you count my middlie intial
    i'll also be sure to watch out for that

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    Well, I'm working on a few things to change the boards a bit... I'm the "other" admin(hehe), I'm the coder/crazy poster. Heh. I think I have over 300 more posts than anyone else. EF is kind of PR and graphic designer. Check back in a month. Could be crazy.

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    oh, and we are currently using DBM, so it only uses up our free space for now... our host( is having trouble with the DBI module for perl/sql interaction. I'm personally waiting for iB PHP, I understand much more of PHP than Perl. Plus the db hopefully will be more like phpbb2, as in smaller size.. plus it will work with mysql.

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    haisoft is pretty good

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    pleez rate it

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