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    Question Ethics...

    How many of you would grab a and yet live in annother country alltogether? This is to target hosting in the areas.

    I ran into this and it peeved me for its domain is only 3 letters shy of mine. I`m in the US, he in Canada.

    I emailed acting as a potential and asked if my money "stays locally" and never got a rresponse.

    Think I can advertise this to my audience on my site (as part of my pitch, ya know) without any legal lashbacks?

    I just personally believe in spending my dough localy. It seems to support my area and it comes back around eventually in one way or annother.

    What say?

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    I would not go for it - and my own city domain is gone to, peeved is not the word.

    Problem is that lots of people have been useing maps to get domains, most capitols are not owned by anyone from there.

    The capitiol of Spain got it's domain back, Sweden might lose it's current fight. I makes everyone angry.

    One thing - these domains do drop eventualy, so keep an eye on it.

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