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    Domains available ...

    Hi guys, saw some domains come available that someone here might be interested in ...

    If they are gone .. sorry ..
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    I would be intrested in 1 of the domain names
    How can I contact you.

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    Should probably be moved to the Domain Names Forum

    <<MOD NOTE: If you're selling a domain or asking how much it is worth, it belongs in the ad forums>>
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    sorry for wrong category

    Sorry, I didn't even notice a domain category ...

    And I don't have anything to do with those domains ... go to whatever registrar you use and see if it is still available ... Each was available when I posted.

    I was just posting it because those names are geared toward what many of you do ...

    See if they are still available by running a whois ... if so, register the names with whichever registrar you want.

    And I'll pay more attention next time to where I post.
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    Excuuuuse ME.

    Did anyone miss the fact that I have nothing to do with the domains ... I simply found them available and thought I would be kind enough to let all of you know about them?

    Yes I posted in the wrong forum. Oops. I already acknowledged that ... but to accuse me of advertising?

    Let me know where it is not clear Chicken.

    This is what I received via private mail:

    Please advertise only in the advertising forums, danke.

    Sehr Gut Herr Chicken -- Ich verstehe dich.
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    Yes, someone missed that fact, it was reported, I skimmed it, moved it, sent you a note (even had 'please' in there -not much of an accusation, but...). Mistake was made, it was corrected. You get one free post on Wednesday.

    We thank you for posting them. If anyone is interested in the domains, get them. Thread closed. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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