We have $40,000 allocated towards purchasing new customers for our hosting company.


1) We are not interested in low-cost "budget" customers that are paying less then $5.95 per month or $59.50 per year. (We are not a low-budget hosting company.

2) We use the cPanel control panel. (If you have a different control panel and your customers will not mind the changing to cPanel, then we are still interested.)

3) We will only use the service of a recognized escrow company to handle the sale. (We prefer escrow.com, but if you have a different company in mind, then let us know.)

Why sell your customers to us?

Since you care about your customers, this is the first question on your mind. Why pick us over all the other "offers" in these forums?

What sets us apart from all the "other" hosting companies is our very high level of personal customer service and support. Sure, this sounds just like everyone else, but I invite you to actually *test* our helpdesk and see for yourself how fast and personal they are. You're welcome to submit any ticket at any time, and judge us for yourself. (See info below for how to contact us.)

Our helpdesk staff spend a lot of time helping our customers with anything that is needed. This includes normal web hosting issues, as well as occasional help with scripts, general "internet" advice, and basically being the first place our customers come to ask questions about anything internet related.

Our tech staff love to help, and our customers really appreciate when we explain things to them in regular English (not tech-speak) and take the time to walk them through whatever assistance is needed.

About Us

Incorporated since 2001 (and offering hosting since 2000), we have grown our business the "long way", by offering extremely high quality support and service at reasonable prices. (Our prices are "above average" for the hosting industry.)

We only get about two or three signups every day, and so this has allowed us to grow at a nice and slow, but steady, pace. As a result, our turnover is less then 2% for the last 4 years. Our customers generally only "leave" when they no longer need a website.

Our business is debt-free and we have a single private owner. There is no chance of our business "going down", since we do not oversell, and we carefully manage the servers to maintain the very high reliability expected by our customers.

Are you interested?

If all the above information sounds good, and you feel our company might be a good "fit" for your customers, please send me a PM with the following information:

1) Why you are selling?
2) How many customers are you selling?
3) A breakdown of the plan and price for each customer.
4) Your asking price.

I look forward to hearing from you.