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    Clean and light template for bidding

    Slicing and html included, as well as reasonable customisations.

    The above for bidding, starting at $50 in increments of $10. Payment by paypal or western union.

    Bidding will end in 48 hours.

    Please post bids here, feel free to pm me if you have any queries.

    Thanks in advance =)

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    Nice template
    Marko P. | [email protected] - Advanced Hosting Solutions

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    Yes, it's a very nice template. Good luck selling it!

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    why are u selling this template now? u still got a good chance of winning the today host contest...

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    mhq >> i knew someone had a better chance =)

    Hophost and Marko>> Thanks for your kind comments.

    No bids yet anybody? =)

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