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    Advise needed : Win2000 CPs


    This board is obviously filled with pros. I am new to hosting. And in fact, am just experimenting with a Win2000 server for my family's use. Would like to use it to set up multiple websites, file archiving, sharing videos and pics, etc.

    Advise I am seeking is, what CP you would recommend?

    As everyone's discussion may go off tangent, I have include a simple template for your recommendations.

    Thanks. Appreciate your kind advise.

    Your Recommendations for best Server/CP setup

    Recommended OS :

    Justification for recommended OS :

    Recommended CP :

    Justification for recommended CP :

    Other Recommended installs :

    Tips when installing recommended CP :
    (eg. Ensim needs C to be system drive)

    Other advise :



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    Your Recommendations for best Server/CP setup

    Recommended OS : linux

    Justification for recommended OS : stability / available panels are 200% more advanced & stable & customizable than currently available win2k panels

    Recommended CP : Cpanel

    Justification for recommended CP : in past experience, it's been much more flexible than the other top contenders on this platform. Though others may have a few bright spots not shared by cpanel, overall this product has fit in many more situations due to its innovative nature.

    Other Recommended installs : w/ CPanel? Alongside it? grab a couple skins for the panel from various places like:

    Tips when installing recommended CP : make sure root partition has at least 2 GB when you begin installing........

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