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    Arrow Proffesional design for sale >

    Hello, I have some designs that I was working on for a client, but didnt use. So Ill let them go for the stated price ranges or best offer... included with all designs are all the files, all graphic files and psd files. Note however that the prices are just estimates, YOU name the price you are willing to pay, and we will negotiate. I am open to any and all offers!

    *note* the company name says UniSolve in all of them, but can be changed. All content is just filler content, and I will work with you if you'd like any changes for free and if youd like the entire site built for you, that can be arranged for a small extra cost. These are complete html designs, not just some cheap jpeg images.

    1. My best one,

    has flash elements and a clean, sleek look. $90- $300 or best offers! SOLD!

    2. Personal favorite,

    A simple yet elegant design with frames for easy navigation. $100- $200 or best offers! SOLD!

    3. Unfinished, WILL WORK WITH YOU to add content.

    Innovative design for more casual look. $50- $100 + content design if needed.

    4. I do not like this at all, but you might

    $25- $75 SOLD!

    Please PM me or email me @ [email protected] if you are interested, and we will discuss it. YOU basically name your price first, and we will negotiate.

    AIM - xlotrxownz
    MSN - geekmanx

    -john <-- portfolio
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    BTW you all can just bid on them if youd like, highest bid wins!

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    I don't usualy comment on other peoples templates, but I must say..those are really nice..good luck on selling them!

    Jeff @ ePixel Media.

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    None of the links seem to work for me.

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    wow they all rock

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    You're unlikely to get more than 20 on these forums, people here are cheap lol :p

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    nah ive seen templates go for 100's

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    w00t, that must be rare

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    Do you know what city is in template 4?

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    I've bought a few templates on here and have never spent only $20.00 Personally I'm willing to pay what a templates is worth, and those are definately worth what he's asking.

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    Thanks everyone, number 4 has just been sold... and im still taking offers for 1.

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    Ok, all are sold except #3. Cmon people i hate to see it go to waste!

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