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    * eHostSource

    I was wondering if anyone has recently used recently? I have done a search already on these forums but most of the posts are old and seem to just be people asking about this host but with no actual testimonies.

    So let me hear the good and the bad about them please.

    ps I have found 1 guy that gave me a testimony about this host.

    The site i found it on is:

    This was his testimony: "Erm...Sorry about that, I get a little carried away in my seething hatred for Doteasy. Anyways, I've signed on with, which kicks the llama's ass! I get 500mb of space, CGI/Perl, PhP 4.0, unlimited pop3 accounts, 20 subdomains (look for some off shoots as Bob, of, and me have some ideas...), and the kicker...50 GIGABYTES of BANDWIDTH! A MONTH! For $6 bucks! I paid a year in advance and it only cost me $70! Sweet ass stuff man."

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    * ehostsource / 1 week, still no reply!

    I sent an email asking a few pre-sales questions on July 8th, got an immediate response ( auto-response?) that they would get back to me. Still have heard nothing back. Thanks to the intelligent folks here and suggestions to always ask a few questions and CHECK- OUT response times..I have decided to move on to another ... glad I have learned a few tips from hanging out here!

    My search goes on!!


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    I find it simply amazing that a company does not answer a sales email. If they are unable to provide service to new prospestive clients, the least they should do is fire off a quick email to let them know (or change their autoresponder). Geez.

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    Perhaps they didn't get your email? They've replied to me very quick for pre-sales questions as well as technical support. I signed up with them for a family website a little over 2 weeks ago. So far so good. No downtime. Things were set-up quickly. Basically, out of the 3 webhosts I've used so far (doteasy, aletia, ehostsource) this one is the best.

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    email reply

    >on July 8th, got an immediate response ( auto-response?) that they would >get back to me.

    Well.. Yes they did actually! I will give it another try since they acquired their domain April 2002 & may have some bugs to work out yet.

    I like that they are in the right geo location for this club. It would be nice for the membership at least to get those quicker views!


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    Hi all.

    I'm Coop, webmaster of In regards to eHostSource, I'd have to say they're the best hosting company I've been with over the past year. It's hard finding a combination of webspace and bandwidth. Plus, the stats they provide are excellent. I highly recommend signing up with them if you're looking for a host. So far, everytime I emailed them or had an ounce of trouble, they quickly replied.

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    well - I am a current customer of theirs. I have been since march of 2003.

    They have been very good at getting back to me, within the day during normal business hours and the following morning if not.

    I can't complain much about them at all except for the fact that when they got a new server (with a better admin panel) they refused to transfer my site over so I will unsubscribe then resubscribe at the end of my term.

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    I was with Ehostsource for 2 years, and only ended up having to pay for the first year due to their incompetance. I wrote to EhostSource on several occasions when I had week long outages in the first thirty days, asking about the 30 day satisfaction guarantee they offer. Noone would respond until after the 30 days were up, and then they stated that it was too late to get a refund and that they would cancel, but would keep my money. I just said fine, I will just keep using my money's worth. From then on, noone would respond to ANY trouble issues I had. I literally had to just wait the outages out. Sometimes it only lasted a day, sometimes a week. The ONLY thing that changed this (and only changed it for about a month), was when I found out how to access their systems by accident.

    Unfortunately I am not completely skilled in writing PHP/Perl scripts from scratch, however using some very basic Perl scripting, I was able to backup into the servers, above my accounts, and even go so far as get into OTHER accounts folders, as well as the main server folders where drivers and so forth are held. On top of this, I had full write access. I wrote them an email explaining that I had found a way to backup into their servers from remote locations, and that ANY of their customers could do the same very easily, and that if they responded to me I would tell them how. Finally, I got an answer within an hour, from their head technician who demanded to know HOW and how to fix it. Not only did I get this response, I got it by phone. I proceeded to explain my disgust with their service attitude and that this was the ONLY response I have EVER gotten from them. He apologised profusely and connected me with one of the managing directors (or whomever they were calling themselves). She gave me her personal phone number in case of future problems. I then proceeded to fill her in on what issues I found with their system integrity, and how I breached it. I then sent them the scripts I used to do it, and they thanked me and sent me on my way. For about a month, if I had even a slight problem, they fixed it for me, with much expedience and very proactively. Then it stopped again and I never got another response again. I constantly got voice mail on the "special" number I was given, and never got calls back. I was stupified as to how they managed to get ANY business at all. Then I remembered, they made great promises. They never had to fulfill them.

    I left my unimportant website on their servers, figuring I would just use the space until they shut me off, and I'd just not renew. 2 years later, which was about 3 months ago, they finally shut off my account. No notices, no nothing. I just stopped being able to access my accounts.

    I will never EVER go back to EHostSource. Everyone I've talked to who has used them, (save for perhaps one or two) have had similar experiences.

    Obviously experiences may vary, and if someone has had good experiences with them, I am happy for you, you are one of the very few lucky customers who has had them.

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    My experience was very similar to yours. Several emails ignored. I wouldn't recommend them at all.

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    i know 2 people that use them without any problems but I have no personal experience with them - short URL service

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