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For a limited time we're currently offering 20% off for all VPS customers on all our services, excluding remote backup and all custom solutions.

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New Server Setup = $125 - 20% special discount = $100
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We secure, optimize and update your server so it's production ready to start adding clients and so you can relax knowing that the system is in perfect shape for your business.

Security Enhancements = $85 - 20% special discount = $68
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Security is an ongoing task for your server. We will review the current system and make sure its locked down tight from attacks, both internal and external protecting your clients and data.

Anti-Spam Service = $75 - 20% specila discount = $60
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Low resource usage, system wide virus scanning, spam protection and phishing protection for cPanel. Eliminate spam from your inbox and save time. The system is self maintaining and updates itself.


Backup Storage
$25 USD Setup
$2/mo per gig space Keep your data safe with ServerProgress remote backup space. We offer remote backup storage space on secure servers offering you jailed SSH and FTP access with unlimited data transfer. Minimum order of 10 gigs space required. We can also do all the configuration on your server to use the backups.

Backup Mail
$50 USD Setup
$10/mo per domain Losing email today is a business disaster. Stop losing critical email. ServerProgress Remote Backup Mail services Store and Forward will accept email for your domains even when your own mail server is down and delivery them to you when back online. This service is highly recommended for online business.

Backup DNS
$50 USD Setup
$5/mo per domain If your DNS server goes down, so does your website and all your email services tied to it. The majority of servers today do not have a failover DNS. DNSreport calls this "Single Point of Failure" failure. We can provide a secondary backup set of nameservers so your domain still works even if your server is down.

ServerProgress specializes in Linux Server Management for cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin servers. We worry about the technical things so you can worry about your business.

Contact Steve by phone or email to discuss your needs.