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    I dont know if this shd be actually posted here.

    I have a Rh 6.2 box with Rackspace where i have apache , bind etc reg stuff and i have installed jdk 1.18 and Apache mod_jserv for servlets

    Now i want to run Jsp on the machine. I know that tomcat is available for the same but i am not quite able to install the same on the machine.
    I need to run the same on "virtual hosts"

    also since servlets are already running and are being used on the system i dare not disturb it.

    Now to add jsp i looked into gnujsp software .

    Anyone using it out here.
    Or is there any other jsp engine that can be used with Mod Jserv.

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    Resin has received a lot of praise as a Servlet and JSP engine.

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