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    Hello all, I am trying to find out what is the best advertising "bang for the buck"? I know the search engines are an obvious choice, is any one better than other? How about hosting ranking web pages and the such? Digging for information about how to direct customers to my page. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Robert,

    Here's one of the best sites to learn more about the search engines

    Here's a good site that outlines various promotion methods


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    You'll get extremely targeted traffic to your site by using PPC SEs.
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    I think that one thing that everyone here will agree on is banners isn't the way to go if you wanna get sales. I think search engines are your best bet but targeted. Such as what offers.

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    I agree that banners are not great for gaining sales, but they do build brand recognition if done properly.

    PPC's and other paid search listings are getting rediculusly expensive and I don't see how they could be profitable for generating leads. Most of the big companies get in the top so they filter into the other search engines... which generates sales by attrition.

    Local advertising is very lucrative... sending out mailings like postcards from PostCard Press - even with a 1% return you could make a nice profit.

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    you can pay for advertising on peoples sites you will be expected to pay about 15-20 a month and what they do is put your banner on there site .........

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    Thanks for all of the replies. One question, although it may sound ignorant, I know what you mean by PPC but SEs? I have registered with FindWhat and done many search engine registrations, but it will be a while before they show up. Anything else that I am missing? I assume that PPCs on sites that deal with hosting and the such would be prefered. Have any of you tried google adwords? I looked at it, but damn it was expensive.

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    PPC SE = Pay Per Click Search Engines.

    Overture & FindWhat are examples of a PPC SE. With these - you will get targeted traffic (people in the process of actively looking to buy web hosting) - Google Adwords is very similar in concept.

    The price of Overture / Adwords etc is purely a function of how competitive the market is. FindWhat is cheaper because there is less competition for keywords there vs Overture, but FindWhat also gets less traffic.

    You could try and look for PPC keywords that are less competitive and therefore a bit cheaper.

    I took a look at your site - it looks very nice, but as it stands right now it will not do very well on regular search engines. Focus your site in one keyword area ("Web Hosting" is the broadest & hardest to tackle) - and check that your title has the relevant keywords & some of the keywords in the text on your site. Also - start building links - the 1st link you should request is one from DMOZ

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you Andrew for your comments, I just submitted to DMOZ and I had already registered on your site as well. I look forward to more comments and suggestions from you if you have the oppurtunity.

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    By far the greatest form of advertising is "viral". Things like referral campaigns and affiliate programs work extremely well because the onus for work rests on someone else's shoulders.

    Word of mouth is great but is hard to achieve online. Things like articles and such help a great deal though.

    Offline advertising is always great. The postcards idea is okay, but then you need to figure out who to give them to, always a tricky one.

    Basically, any advertising you do is good, some will have better results than others.

    Personally, I think banners are great for, as someone already mentioned, recognition. I can get 1M banner impressions for just a cuople of hundred dollars. I may not generate 200$ in sales, but my PPC campaign may mysteriously become more effective, or my direct-mail campaign may express a lot more interest than I thought.

    Because any ad campaign is multi-faceted, I would recommend not ignoring a single ad venue, unless the prices are truly atrocious and the returns truly low.

    Volume mixed with quality will always outperform a quality-only campaign.
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    I started learning about promotion from this site: - lots or reading required but well worth your time.

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    Another popular marketing resource is:
    Customer Service
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    I'm right behind you.
    hehe - you're looking for promotion tutorials?

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    Well, I write for SitePoint, so I just gave you free intel Use it wisely
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    I was looking around for promotion tools, specifically tools to help with keyword selection and track rankings on search engines. I cam accross WebPromote which won an award from SitePoint. Knowing that you are a writer there I was wondering if you had used this software and if it was effective? Does anybody else have comments about this software, or this type of software?

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    I haven't used WebPromote. Truth be told, I mainly write in the Build area. I do use Arelis, steer cleer of webposition, and tend to have fun with certain other cross-linking and SE positioning sites when the mood strikes me.

    Basically, I let SE results take care of themselves, as I generally end up around the top 10 for most of the sites' keywords anyways.

    I figure if God had meant me to stress about SEO he would have made it difficult
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    Originally posted by Jeremy W.
    I figure if God had meant me to stress about SEO he would have made it difficult
    heh. All this SE positioning an optimisation these days is totally wrong, IMO. Let your site earn its position in the search engines based on - now here's a new word folks - content relevancy to what the searcher is hunting for. Not based on how many $$$$ you paid the SEO company who manipulate the SEs for your gain and to the loss of pure search engine integrity and the internet community at large.

    Just let Google be Google and build a website that actually benefits folks and all will be sweet!! Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Word of mouth! We only started out a month ago, at firs we picked up an odd customer now and then, they were VERY pleased with our services and posted there experiences with us on here and sales went up dramatically. We started off with about 1 signup every 2 or 3 days now we get around around 5 per day.

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    aussie bob; good seo's don't manipulate search engine's they work within there guideline's to get good result's.
    There is really no manipulation involved what so-ever from a good seo's point of view.

    manipulation = Shrewd or devious management, especially for one's own advantage.

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    Good SEO's don't care about the short term, they build sites and campaigns to maximize the site's potential at it's peak
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    Lightbulb Great Results


    Highly targeted Webhosting PPC SE

    Good Luck
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    If you want cheap keywords on PPC SEs, use mispelled words. There will be far less people bidding (maybe no one). Use the overture search term tool to find out how many searches were done with mispelled words.

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    What about ppcforhosts, the one that advertises on wht. any luck with them?


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    and how have your ispcheck results been?

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    Hi Robert,

    about track rankings software on search engines. You can also use AgentWebRanking software. It works like if you were manually checking your keyword position.
    Where is your site positioned against your competition? You could trawl through manually or you could get a true analysis.
    AgentWebRanking -

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    There isn't any easy way to get a good ranking on search engines and Google adwards or Overture PPC only offer very poor results.

    I know, I spent, and wasted money on these methods and many others. As DotComster states is good and informative, but don't expect miraculous results.

    The best method I have found to improve your ranking is to get others to link back to you using a link exchange page. We have a ranking of 6/10 on Google, whats yours?
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    we got #1 ranking on google for our keywords without any extra cost - just relevancy as said before

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    Originally posted by Jeremy W.
    Good SEO's don't care about the short term
    Absolutely right. The hard part, though, is getting clients to recognize that!
    Originally posted by Aussie Bob
    Let your site earn its position in the search engines based on - now here's a new word folks - content relevancy to what the searcher is hunting for.
    In principal, that too is absolutely right. And without a doubt revelvant content is essential to getting search engine traffic. The complication, though, in a competitive market like web hosting is that there are tens of thousands of site with the same relevant content as yours. So just writing content without some careful planning and targeting just isn't enough.

    I'd wager that there are many web hosts here, with relevant content happening to be on their sites, that have never gotten a sale from a search engine referral. And many that get only a handful of search engine referrals a week that aren't from someone typing their domain name into a search box, or from a competitor or someone else researching rankings (as identified by a click coming from 8 or 10, or 30 or 80, pages deep in the listings).
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    On the subject of promotion

    I would have to second WilsonWeb, for the simple fact I am a subcriber of his newsletter and it is very informative. Be sure to check them out.


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