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    21 - H-Sphere Support???

    I have sent a few emails to Bobcares to inquire if they support environments that use H-Sphere as the control panel and like many others, I have not received any response to my inquiry.

    So I thought I would inquire on this forum to see if anyone here is using for their support and where they are using H-Sphere or if anyone knows of someone that has H-Sphere and is using


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    Give them some time to reply to your email.
    It took them five days to reply to one of mine...

    Good luck!


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    it takes them 5 days to respond to a potential client? is that someone you really want doing your support for you?

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    1,700 has very poor sales support meaning that they respond very slowly to sales inquries however their support team it top notch and they do a good job. Dont' rate their support by their sales department

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    Yeah, WHW give em a break. Sales should NOT be most important. Support for your existing customers should.

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    Originally posted by Tetraboy
    Yeah, WHW give em a break. Sales should NOT be most important. Support for your existing customers should.
    i understand this... but give me a break... if i waited 5 days to respond to a sales email do you think i would have any clients?

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    Originally posted by whw

    i understand this... but give me a break... if i waited 5 days to respond to a sales email do you think i would have any clients?
    Think about it this way:

    You are not the most in-demand web host in existance -- that is why you offer sales support that is so good that it will compete with the major web hosting players. Because if, say, I don't like your sales department, I can go to one of countless other hosts.

    Bobcares, on the other hand, is probably the most in-demand and cheapest tech support outsourcing company in existance. They are also one of the only ones in existance (or at least, in WHT-known exitance ). That gives them a tremendous amount of leniency.
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    thats not my point though... my point is that if i have to wait 5 days for a responce on an email from bobcares then i am going to spend that time looking for thier competition (if any) and see how they respond to my questions as well. If they happen to get back to me first then that is the company i am more then likely going to go with.... then when bobcares gets around to answering my email i will just file in it away because i have already found another solution.

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    problem is..

    problem is you won't find any other reliable solutions so you'll be sitting here waiting for bobcares email.

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    mrbling... there is never just 1 option...

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    well ..


    try and find another one for us that has the same comparable price and level of service bobcares has ..

    you'll be searching for awhile

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    i am not saying that bobcares isnt good or isnt worth what they charge... i am just saying that maybe they should get a little better at responding to thier sales questions if its going to take 5 days to get a response.

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    Well if u get hold of there sales reap then its easy. However one thing i notice about them they dont OVERSELL

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    What about I am evaluating both at the moment as they seem to have the same pricing. But let me do a search first on actsupport before I have to open mouth and insert foot

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    I have never used bobcares before so I cannot comment first hand on their service. But from reading many positive comments here at WHT, I'm assuming they do a fine job.

    But I think the point whw is trying to make is that they should improve their pre-sales response time. To suggest that there is nobody else to turn to is inaccurate. One example is

    When someone sends in a pre-sales question to any site, it is only human nature to initially assess the company based on their response time. Wouldn't you do the same if emailing any other company in any other industry? The natural inclination is to say "Well, if they take 5 days to get back to me before they get my money, what can I expect after they get my cash?"

    While that is a generalization, that's what likely would happen. Bobcares seem to be business-savvy, so I doubt (hope) that they do not take so long to respond simply because they think everyone will wait until they're good and ready to reply. That would be an arrogant attitude that would end up making them lose in the long run. There already are alternatives out there. And as time goes on, there will be others.

    It is not natural/logical to conclude that slow response to pre-sales questions means they're just busy providing top notch response times to paying customers.

    My 2 cents.

    [*edit*] I failed to mention that a month ago I contacted a couple of these outsourcing support companies, including Bobcares. I am looking at developing a new site that would include involvement of such a company. I too waited 5 or 6 days before I received a reply. Frankly, I was not impressed with that. As a result, I have dismissed Bobcares as a possible solution. I do not think that is an illogical decision. [/*edit*]

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