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    Exclamation PLEASE HELP Newbie - How to sell domains

    hi i'm completely new to the domain name market but would like to know if i can resell other companies domains names to people but put my own price on how much it costs so when they sign up i get a percentage of the profit and the rest goes to the company they actually signed up with. I guess it's quite similar to a reseller plan in webhosting.
    anyway if anyone could tell the best sites and simplicist sites that offer this service or something like this then please replie to this thread

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    I'd love to help. But I am having a tough time understanding the question being asked. Please rephrase your question a bit more clearer. However I will still take a stab at it. From the looks of it, you want people to sign up to your site. Add/List there domains on there, and if they sell the domain through your site you get a commission? If so some of the largest/best around are , and . And several smaller domain auction/brokers. One of which is

    I am unsure how you would provide this. Perhaps contact a few coders. They can whip a system up like this for you.

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    Hey's saying...

    I have site...
    On site I have box that allows users to type in a domain to see if it's available...

    On query, they are sent to a registrar...

    If user buy domain...

    I get x% of sale...

    e.g. a commission or a referal rate...
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    Oh, well doesn't have something similar to that?
    I think you get $2 per referral. Might want to them out. >> Web hosting forum
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    I don't think he's talking about commisions, because he wants be able to sell the domain at his own price. He wants to be able to resell, which you can do with and
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