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    Simple yet sleek template for sale.

    (I've attached an image of this template with this post)

    A description of this template would be clean, slick, with a side of professionalism. It isn't for anything specific although I have included a little "plan" table if you are looking for a web hosting template to use for your business or site. It can be used for anything really. I will customize it somewhat for you if you'd like and plan on purchasing it, but remember, this is a template, not a whole site. If you are interested and want to see a better picture, or discuss customization or pricing, then please contact me.

    For email, you can reach me at [email protected] or [email protected] (most of the time this one is quicker)

    If you'd like to instant message me I am on MSN as [email protected], I am on Yahoo as avhsrh2002. I am on almost all the time.

    Just for a general price area I'm looking at $140. If you are interested and talk to me we can discuss it.
    Enjoy, I hope to hear from some of you!

    - Aaron Alexander.
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    $350-$450? Yea right... that is too expensive for that design. Too many better, more professional designs sell for less.

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    i strongly suggest lowering the price to say 100-150 tops

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    Its a good start ... although gonna need to drop the price, do a search on the forum and get an idea on what templates go for
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    It's not my first one, it's not the first one I've sold either. It was very over priced I know, I didn't know what type of people come to these boards anyway. Thanks I changed the price to $140..

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    Wrong forum, this is the Job Offers and Requests!

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    We buy Hosts.
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    ::: Jeremy C. Wright :::

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    lol, nice catch wright... good to see you again!

    James (yes from sitepoint)

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    Yeah, hey mate
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    It's okay at $140.

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    Originally posted by Cymedia
    You can submit it here
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    Wrong forum.

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