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    Barracuda Networks or Clearswift?

    Hi All,

    I'm looking at buying am anti-spam/virus/phishing appliance that I can plug in and protect a number of mail servers.

    I have gotten it down to either Barracuda Networks or Clearswift so I was hoping for some real world experiences with these companies. Any views one way or another?

    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks, yeah, I saw that

    I'm a good boy and did a search before posting. There is some talk both good and bad about how good the Barracuda Networks box is and only one mention in passing of Clearswift

    I'm relatively happy with what the boxes do, I'm rather looking for how people have found the companies to be, good/bad sales or support??

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    We have had noting but good experiences with Barracuda Networks... Their apliances have always been top notch as well as their support and sales team. You will be blown away with the amount of blocking these things do and the accracy is next to none. The cost is quite high but well worth it.

    Hope this helps in your quest.

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    Thank you

    Anyone have any views on Clearswift please?

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    Just curious if you had looked at MailFoundry? We had a somewhat shaky start w/ it, but have come to really like it. Have heard some recent grumblings re Barracuda and have not used Clearswift. Will keep an eye on this thread as spam is just out of control these days.

    Best wishes.

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