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    Cool Hi all, I'm looking for a programming job!


    I have 7+ years experience in developing any kind of web projects of any size. I work with PHP4/PHP5/MySQL, ASP,ASP.NET and even Java JSP, NetBeans and can tune all servers Apache 1/2, IIS 5/6, Tomcat or Struts. Moreover, any desktop solutions on C# or VB.NET can also be developed.

    I can improve or add new features to any script you want, automatize or solve all present-day problems with any kind of software:

    - Downloaders, grabbers, parsers, discussion boards, etc.
    - Any traffic managment systems.
    - MySQL/ PostgeSQL database development.
    - and many many other things.

    Just contact me on ICQ: 475-719-552
    or by email: wht[AT]

    Thanks! This is my introduction
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