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    Managed Server Dialtone

    Where do most of you have your servers through wich company? I am interested in the dialtone deal thats going on now what do you guys think of it? looks good to me
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    I just got one of those $149 specials from DialTone. I can Only rave about it so far. We also have dedicateds with VenturesOnline and Rackshack. I got the DialTone one for myself for learning as we have sys admins already taking care of our other servers

    As a newbie, I can't rave enough about DialTone support so far.
    I got a 3 hour walkthrough with the Plesk, plus whatever questions I had about anything, answered. DT encourages questions via their support ticket. Also, at their Wonder Desk (support ticket program they use), there are tons of FAQ's along with a search engine.

    I chose DialTone for myself, as I have a couple of my sites hosted on my friend's dedicated from DT. In the 2 years that I've been hosted there, the only time I ever had downtime was when DT did server maintenance a couple of times a year, which took no longer than 10 minutes!!

    I can't rave enough about DT.


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    plz post your experience after a few months

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    3,729 has been fantastic for us. Awesome response time on support tickets and a solid network.

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    I noticed Dialtone had tagged 'managed' onto their offers, what exactly do they do under that 'managed' tag? previously you got 30 days free support but they didn't apply upgrades etc and charged for anything after 30 days - things must have changed
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    we are office based in miami, servers in nj

    and would like to remind you of this-- hurricane andrew

    every time there is a major blow you will be glued to the news waiting and watching

    thats why we wouldnt give you 2 cents for all the nocs in
    s. florida including verio et al.

    as a native i can assure you the electrical supply to those nocs is good but when a major storm hits they are worthless

    no matter what they say...

    dos centavos

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    I have had my dialtone server for about 4 months. I absolutely love it. There is no downtime, their tech support responds instantly, they are always willing to help and are friendly about it. Their prices arent the cheapest, but they are definently well worth the extra money.

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    Rackspace /* Dialtone

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    You cant compare Rackspace to Dialtone.... Dialtone couldnt add up to Rackspace, no way, no how! If you have just a few machines or are a newbie then DI might not be bad for you. If you require a skilled tech to be there when something goes horribly wrong and you lose remote access, just pray you get the help you need.

    Ive even sent these guys hardware before that came back to me badly damaged (pins smashed like the drives were dropped) , we've had parts come up missing....

    Probably hwy they dont offer colo anymore, they are not equipped to handle it.
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    Jag is 100% correct we got a server with Dialtone in feb 2000 and at one point had about 15 servers with them, we now only have a few and all our servers are now colo'd at Inflow.

    Dialtones network over that period has been pretty reliable and a simple reboot is no problem, however, as Jag pointed out anything more than this and you can be in trouble.

    We had a primary drive die on a server and they replaced the secondary by mistake then hooked up the previous primary (which was screwed) as the secondary, over 9 hours downtime for a job which shouldn't have taken more than 30-40 minutes, to their credit they did fix it but the downtime is really unacceptable.

    Their IP allocation system is also dubious and can give already allocated IP's out leaving sites down etc.

    On the plus side their contract termination is very good now and they seem to have dropped their in-house control panel which is good
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    yeah, don't compare dialtone to rackspace

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