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    Powerful Virtual Dedicated Server

    I have a lightly-loaded* server at rackshack, so I am offering shares of it as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). This is perfect if you always wanted to get a dedicated server but did not have the budget or were afraid of rackshack’s lack of support.

    Perfect for:
    -Large/popular site that has outgrown shared hosting
    -Reseller that have outgrown reseller program but not yet ready for a powerful dedicated server (and don’t want a tiny server either)
    -Backup server for DNS or storage
    -Learning to administrate a Linux server
    -Many other possibilities

    About the Machine:
    -Intel Celeron 1.3 GHz
    -512 MB RAM
    -100 Mb/s Network Connection with mulitiple providers
    -7 200 RPM fast Hard Drive
    -Powerful server – load average mostly 0.0s*

    About the offer:
    -10 GB of pure storage (no OS space counted)
    -75 GB of transfer (very fast rackshack network)
    -One of the few VDS on a machine (no fighting for CPU)
    -Full Redhat 7.2 installation
    -Root access
    -Dedicated IP address
    -Webmin (preinstalled for free if you request it)
    -Plesk one domain version (preinstalled for free if you request it)
    -other software preinstalled for free if reasonable

    Managed service:
    -Security audit/upgrade
    -Application installations/basic configuration
    -Basic site/server configuration

    About the term:
    -Month-to-month length, no long term commitment
    -Generous cancellation policy (see belore for details)
    -No setup fee
    -$75 - $100 per month (I am very flexible, and the final quote depends on the outcome of our contact)
    -Assistance in transferring your site

    -Transfer overage $1 per GB
    -Storage overage $10 per GB
    (Note: I am very flexible and I don’t usually count small overage)

    See the questions below for more information.

    What differentiate your offer?
    Unlike most hosting companies, I am in a unique position because I don’t have a business plan, and therefore I don’t have a deadline/profit goal to meet. I am not under pressure to add any new clients; rather, I make sure that I serve my existing clients well before I add new ones.

    What’s the catch for such a good offer?
    I offer a lot, so there is a catch: you must be willing to invest some time in getting to know me, and give me some time to get to know you. I will only accept a client if I feel comfortable working with him/her.

    Do you oversell your server?
    No, I do not oversell my server, and there are a couple of reasons. First, I only have so much IPs from Rackshack, so I am technical limited to no more than 4-5 VDS on my server. Furthermore, I screen my potential clients to make sure that their site will not adversely affect other VDS on the server. In terms of the resources, I allocate as much as I offered to my clients, I do not try to smuggle in more VDS.

    How do I know I will get quality service?
    First of all, it is my philosophy to provide quality service. I *literally* take my clients as friends and I work very hard to make them satisfied. Also, my server is very lightly loaded* and I expect it to remain so. Finally, I limit my offer to only what I can sell, and I screen any potential clients to make sure their site load won’t affect yours. Unlike other providers where there may be 30 or more VDS on a server, there is only a few VDS sharing my server, so your site performance will be great.

    What if I am not satisfied?
    Since I screen my clients before I accept them, if you are accepted, I have a high level of confidence that you will find my service worthwhile. However, because I understand that changing host is a big investment, I am willing to back up my service with a 30 days money back guarantee *plus* 30 more free days while you search for a new host (and more free time if you need it). This makes for a total of 2 free months if you are not satisfied, and it comes with full support and everything you will find in the regular paid service. I am willing to offer such a generous policy because I get to know my potential clients well before I accept them.

    OK, I am interested, how do I find out more?
    You can PM me with your name, your site, your IM handle, and some background information about yourself. I will then contact you and either setup an instant messaging session to talk or we can communicate through email.

    P.S. Payment accepted through paypal.

    *Currently the server is not lightly-used, because I have a heavy-usage client who is about to leave. Once he leaves, the load should drop back to mostly 0.0.

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    Before people jump all over you and say "$100/month!? I can get my own Rackshack server for that much!" I would like to stress your point that this is a managed server. Which makes this a pretty good deal

    Good luck to you!
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    I would like to add that such an offer is perfect for people starting hosting, since ckpeter accepts paypal and manages the box.

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    Thank you Jay and Robert, for your kind comments.


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    One further comment:
    I really like the attitude of your posting.

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    Thanks Walter.

    I find that having a principle of treating my clients as friends have served me well. My current clients are very satisfied with their service.


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    Peter is a client of mine for email hosting and I can say that he is a study in politeness and great manners..

    Good luck with your offer Peter.. in my opinion this is great for some one who wants to dirty their hands with Linux and the daemons before offering hosting

    Offering Managed Servers - for an exclusive clientèle who value uptime, caring support and superior technology.

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    I am just wonderring, what software do you use to set up this Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)?

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    Thanks Balaji for your kind comments.

    Jay, its a custom kernel patch that creates isolated contexts.


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    Originally posted by FDrive
    Before people jump all over you and say "$100/month!? I can get my own Rackshack server for that much!" I would like to stress your point that this is a managed server. Which makes this a pretty good deal

    Good luck to you!
    Pardon my ignorance, what is the diff? You can mange your own DS with CPanel/WHM right? I doubt any virtual host will spend hours troubleshooting scripts for you.

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    Yes, you can manage your own server using CPanel, but it doesn't do everything for you.

    A control panel only set up sites for you (ok, not entirely true), but managed service goes beyond that.

    By the way, I did once spent more than 10 hours fixing a script before issuing a full refund to a client.


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