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    Exclamation Professional templates for sale...

    Hi all,

    Okay, I am at last free
    I was soooo busy the past week, because I was elected Art Director by 2 well-known companies ( no joke! )
    .Anyways, at last I managed to post some work I did a month ago. Those templates are not finished yet, but you can have a look at the overall idea, design and colors that I used. Here is a short list:

    Upon your request, I can change anything you would like, colors, bars, etc...

    For the price, it would be better if we could dicuss about it. I would really like to chat with you on Msn Messenger [b] if you are interested in one ( or more than one ) template/s.
    Msn Messenger ID: [email protected]

    You can contact me at [email protected]

    My website ( I am now redesigning it, and my portfolio contains only a very small part of my work )
    I made around 55 or more templates in my career, and I have too much to show you.

    Should you have any question, suggestions, or comments, contact us, and we will be open to any ideas

    Brian Dove

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    Very nicely done. You shouldn't have a problem selling them.

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    yea , they all look good. except theres a problem with the first one, an alignment problem. nice job!

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    yea god job

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    I really like the second and third ones. Good luck selling
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    Great templates, Brianstudio! From the beginning of your work on SPF, you've definetly come a long way.

    Good luck on selling them!

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