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    Template or cheap work

    Bidding starts at any decent offer

    Good Luck


    Here's the thing..I need money for the PC I am building so I will do yoru company a logo for 5 and website for 20-30 depending on what you want. Online portfolio:
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    good luck to you hope you get a good price on it

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    nice, i like it, you got any offers on it yet?

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    One, if you're interested contact me on aim: crimsoncircle1

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    are there any other sites u kno that also have places to sell templates/logos/banners? i kno WHT and that 1 u said now.

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    Note the first post has been edited, so if you want some cheap work done check out my site and contact me

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    isn't this the layout from ....... i remember seeing it there, but now they have got a new design.

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