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    110 - are they any good?

    Their prices do seem really cheap could anyone who has or is currently using them please comment on their system?

    Do they pay on time?
    Do they good fraudulent checks?
    Is the payment gateway reliable and have high uptime?
    Any hidden costs?

    anything else that may be helpful

    thanks in advance,


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    It would be unfair for me to comment for obvious reasons, but I can direct you to a previous thread on this board for information:

    Hope this helps


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    I have been a merchant of PayStamp for just under two months now.

    In reply to your questions;

    Do they pay on time?
    Indeed they do. Received my first payment about 2 weeks ago bang on time.

    Do they good fraudulent checks?
    They do very good checks on the cards processed. They also check the card holders address against the address entered which helps prevent fraud.

    Is the payment gateway reliable and have high uptime?
    100% uptime in the two months I have been with them.

    Any hidden costs?
    None at all - Infact I have no idea how they make a profit But the service is so good i would certainly be happy paying a small monthly fee for the services they provide.
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