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    MultipleImage disappeared...

    Their website has been down for at least this whole month, does anyone have any news about them? I only have one email of theirs that isn't, and haven't got a response for days. Does anyone else here have servers with them that are also down without explanation? I know of at least a couple different people whos servers are also down, but it seems they went down at different times. The most I got was a message saying their network wasn't down, and only their servers with their website etc on them are down. Tim Embler sits on ICQ in the "away" status, but never replies to any messages. Has anyone been able to contact them recently?

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    Their site is down for me also.

    A search of WHT also reveals that Tim last posted an offer in the advertising forum on 06-27-2002, so they may still be operating. Hopefully Tim will explain their situation soon.
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    It's down for me too. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Any customers of theirs around here?

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    multipleimage used to surf this forum reguarly, i even was thinking about using them..

    Thanks for this info get-hosted

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