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    Question domain registration

    Hi, this is not a question on webhosting but rather domain registration.

    I've noticed that there are many companies that you can choose to register your domain with. There are cheap ones like <removed> or godaddy. Whats the cons of registering with them rather than the big boys (eg. netsol).


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    They are exactly the same. This is a great misconception for all new domain buyers.
    "Network Solutions charges more, so they must provide a better service"

    When in all actuality GoDaddy,Powerpipe, and several others provide an even better service at a discount rate. And minus the hassle that often accompanies any domain purchase from Versign.
    In other words avoid NetSol.

    Kind regards.
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    Good Morning Hamet! Styles is absolutely correct. They are just a bigger company. I honestly utilize the smaller registrars such as

    I have spoken to clients who have paid as much as $70 per year!! Good luck.

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    I have to agree with Styles. Avoid Network Solutions / Verisign at all costs.

    Take a look at what type of service you need with the domain and what the registrar offers.

    I have an Enom reseller account and it allows me to offer email forwarding, domain forwarding, domain cloaking and other options for free. All with an easy to use password protected control panel for each customer.

    (please note this is not an advertisement for my service, you won't find any links to my domain services page)

    Also, call the company and test out their customer service. Do they have a customer service number? and do a search for them in this forum.

    Seems like a lot of trouble for a simple domain name registration but if you use the wrong registrar and one day you can't change your nameservers, it could cost you your entire business

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    Hi EasySite and all.

    thanks for tip.

    Actually, all i need is just to register the domain. I've already have a webhost and naturally I would like to direct my domain name to the webhost DNS.

    Any recommendations besides GoDaddy?

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    Well I've had very good luck with (they are a OpenSRS reseller). As stated above, many eNom resellers can offer you a good price/features.

    I'm also an enom reseller, so feel free to contac me also

    Don't dismiss the additional features of eNom. Lots of hosts don't give you sub-domains. With eNom's URL redirection, you can have support.your-domain.tld like addresses. That makes it much easier for people to remember.

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    Network Solutions has been around for a long time and has many, many customers. They provide a customer service model that is a challenge to many people - however they are still the largest domain regiatrar on the Internet.

    Tucows has taken the number two registrar spot with a reseller-only domain registration model, offering a solid relationship for resellers that comes with high integrity and standards for doing business that cannot be beat.

    There are many other registrars out there trying to grow market share by selling domains for very little money. I don't trust most of them to be in business in another year. It takes money to keep a business running. I don't believe you can run a registrar service for any length of time for $1 profit per domain name. I'm sorry, but I've put the business case together to do this ourselves, and that's just not enough profit to keep the staff needed for a successful business. The guys selling sub-$10 today will not be doing so in the future; I believe they are simply buying market share today and when the venture capital runs out, they will jakc up their prices and hope that 80% of their customers stay.

    When the current group of domain speculators start allowing their cheap domains to roll off when they expire - and there is not another group of speculators to pick up domains like, many of these sub-$10s will feel the pressure.

    We have a pool in the office on when prices will be going up for every one of these guys. We've already been nearly right on one. It will be fun to see how many we get correct.

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