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    I sent you a PM please check it out

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    It's probably helpful to post a budget that you have and some of your previous experiences in the hosting business.

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    Profitable Reseller Web Hosting Business for Sale - 250 Turnkey Accounts

    Vertical Media Hosting is a Verio Reseller (Gold Status) company offering a ready-to-go hosting business for sale.

    The business has 250 hosting accounts on 17 Verio shared VPS FreeBSD or Solaris servers and 22 dedicated client VPS FreeBSD or Solaris servers. Hosting accounts average $15-$25/mo for shared hosting and $75/mo for dedicated hosting. Annual revenues for 2006 were $96,000 with net income of $49,000 which does not include a manager salary. Hosting management currently requires 10-15 hours per week management time. All servers are under a Verio reseller account and could easily be transferred to another Verio reseller account.

    Seller will provide a management database showing relationships between domains, servers and hosting clients/owners as well as Quickbooks files showing account/client information, historical/recurring billing and pricing for services. This is a turnkey business to be started today.

    We offer a high level of customer support and responsiveness and would expect the same from the buyer. Will check references if you have an existing business. We will release pertinent information (list of accounts, P&L, QuickBooks files) for review with signed Non-disclosure agreement. For more information, please email [email protected] or call 307-733-5681.

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    The previous experience is a required information for building credibility. I will be interested in the segment of prices.

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