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    What to include in web hosting resume.

    Not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else, If I see it deleted, i'll know why

    I've been browsing through the posts, and looking at the various requests for jobs, and even though I have been in the industry for more than two years (although not in a large scale environment) I am just curious what everyone puts in their resume, job experience, education, skills.. If you list your skills, what do you list and how do you break them down. I'm finding it rather hard to think of what I should include in my resume, skills and the like. I have done a lot and I am just curious how everyone has broken it all down in a resume.

    Does anyone have links to their web hosting resumes so that I may get a taste as to what I should include and not include.

    Many Thanks!!

    Update: Here is what I have managed to throw together thus far
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    i think you allready have a pritty impressing resume.

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    It's a good resume, but try searching for more info on what to put down.
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    yea google is a good idea if you dont find anything there i would also try yahoo and other top engines good luck with your resume

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    Try they have some excellent info on all things related to employment.

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