Serverminds is running these colocation specials for the month of March:

$49.00/mo. for a 1U+250GB bandwidth special.

$69/mo. for 1U+1Mbps bandwidth special

$129/mo. for 1U+2Mbps bandwidth special

$149.00/mo. for 1U+250GB managed colocation special .

Managed colocation service (Linux, xBSD, and Windows 2000/2003 Server) includes:

* Server hardening.
* General system administration.
* Troubleshooting.
* Kernel upgrades.
* Server software upgrade/maintenance.

Or just add managed colocation service to any package for $99/mo.

All packages include 1-3 IP addresses and 24/7 monitoring if desired.

We'll pay for the shipping of your hardware to the DC for both of these specials and do the hardware install. Additional space available at $15/month per U of space and $15/mo. per amp (if your hardware requires the power).

Please visit our website, contact us via email, or IM us (Yahoo/AIM: serverminds, MSN: [email protected]) for additional space, bandwidth, and/or power pricing.

All pricing reflects a minimum 12-month term service contract. If you'd rather not commit to a term service contract, a non-recurring setup charge equal to the first month of service is applicable.

Advantages of colocating with Serverminds:

* Redundant premium Qwest and UUNet 2xOC3 bandwidth mix.
* Mission-critical environmental and power controlled and monitored facility.
* 24/7/365 hardware access.
* 24/7/365 on-site security personnel and monitoring.
* In-building fiber access.
* Expert hands-on server and network management and consulting services.

Go to Herakles Data Center website to learn more about the premiere Sacramento data center facility Serverminds uses for colocation.