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    free control panel for non-profit webhosting

    I am in need of control panel options for some free hosting, that I will be doing.

    I know of webcp..any others?

    maybe not even free ones, but ones for under $100.00

    Thanks much.

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    Try searching the forum archive. There has been quite a few free control panels mentioned.


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    i tryed that

    i did do a search and turned up mostly just conversations about what everyone dislikes about cpanel or another control panel. Im just interested in a list of URLs of cp's with basic features that will run on a redhat box. I mean i would like to use webcp, but when i tryed out the demo. I found no link to the admin area. So please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: free control panel for non-profit webhosting

    <<Please email information directly>>
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    Thats a list of control panels free and commercial.

    Chicken you should make that list Sticky so people don't gotta go searching for it.

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