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    * Tray Alert program. Need SALES peole, will pay 30% of cost for each sale

    Hello, team has created tray news program.
    This program runs on users pc and when there is some news or message it alerts it like a small window abouve system tray.
    Note about how much you can earn look in the bottom.

    Potential buyers of this program are:
    - hosting company. They can offer it like add-on for control panels. User can set alerts for houly, daily, weekly stats (like visitors, usage and etc). Set alets for payment time. And host owner can send to users messages about hosting plans, new features and any other adv. things.
    - auction site owners (they can give it for free to member to see
    who has just bidded on auction, has just bought members auction and etc...)
    - Shop owners. They will see who bought item, or how many visitors on their site (hourly alert)
    - Finance web site owners. People who own website can offer subscription (hourly, daily, monthly...) on stock info alerts.
    - Site advertisting systems. Advertisiting companies can offer to people for some amount of money to use this program and show advertising banners.
    - Bulleting Boards. Alert messaging system beetwin users.
    - Support System.

    Program features:
    1. Output types:
    - HTML and any type of script that show results thru http protocol (PHP, Perl and etc)
    - JavaApplet
    - Flash (if installed on PC flash module)
    2. Any size of alert window. (alert size sets by admin area)
    3. Works with your default windows browser. E.g. if user click on link it will be opened in default windows browser.
    4. System tray icon becomes active when there is some new alert and/or pop-up (if auto pop-up checked in configuration)
    5. Administrator can set time how long this add will be shown in auto pop-up mode.
    6. Support users.

    The idea of using:
    1st type (multi members using)
    Site owner buy this program - we integrate it with his current program (e.g. control panel or auction) compile windows program so he can put it for download on site. Than user download it. Run it. It went into system tray. And when there is some news that interested for memeber program alerts. e.g. auction owner got new bid.
    Or 2nd type. (unique using). Site owner buy this program - we intergrate it with his current script/program (e.g. shop or support/help desk). Compile fror him program. He run it and when there is some news about his script (e.g. new buyer/lead or new help request) he gets alert message.

    Here you can download demo and see different examples of alerts.
    Note: alert messages are a bit ugly, we didn't create good design for html alert examples. But if someone buys it - all is in his hands.

    About price.
    1. Tray alert program with script that manages alert messages - $279 thats $83,70 to sales man for each sale.
    2. Tray alert program with multi user supprot and script that manages alers for multiusers - $569 thats $170,70 to sales man for each sale.
    3. Tray alert program with integration it into buyers site program/script - from $389 thats from $116,70 to sales man for each sale.
    4. Tray alert program with multi user supprot integration it into buyers site program/script - $589 thats $176,70 to sales man for each sale.

    if you are interested in resellin or buying this program mail to:
    [email protected]
    Valera Vlasyuk team
    [email protected]

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    Is price too big for such program?

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    Good luck with it though - sounds great.

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    i havn't got any interested with that program, what i'm doing wrong ??


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    The program seems useless to me. I don't see why anyone waist time trying to find customers. People actually got bills to pay, families to take care of, and like to sell products that customers are aware of.

    No offence ofcourse.

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    i thought that this program could be helpfull like live person.

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