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    * Looking for Decent Cheap or Free Hosting service

    People keep asking me if I have a website. Well other than a redirect link for a map to my studio (http://wedding-photographer.********) and the page that my lab has made available for me ( [PW:wedding]), I don't. So I have decided to get on the ball and start creating a site for my self that will include these links and so much more (of course).

    What recomendations do you have for someone new to the web page creating scene?

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    Yes, you definitely need to get your own identity (domain name) and website.

    Being you'll have very little traffic most likely, I would strongly suggest that you take a hard look at Myacen where you can get started for as little as $2.95 per month though you'll have to pay yearly which costs $24.95.

    Normally I would not suggest a yearly plan but considering many spend that for one month of hosting, I seriously doubt you could go wrong.

    Myacen has a pretty good reputation.

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    Depends on how deep you want to get into site building... It's a livelihood for many, and to be a true site developer, you have to have a creative eye while understanding markup languages. This is not a trivial investment in time if you want to become a true master.

    Of course, if you're just trying to put up a quick site, buy a beginner's book about HTML and web design. Then buy a domain from You'll also need a webhosting account to publish your goodies with. I suggest among the lower cost hosts.

    Very vague, I know. But then, it was a vague question, no? Any more questions, feel free to PM though. Good luck.

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    Looking for Decent Cheap or Free Hosting service
    Free hosting services often look cheap with pop ups, invasive tracking (which set off firewall alerts) and ugly banners ect.
    Go with some small plan $5 to $10 a month. The cheapest will not be the best, but for an average amount, you should be able to get a fair amount of goodies, and expect good support should you need it.

    I just hate hearing someone complain about how bad a host is when they only paid a buck or two a month for it. You don't always get what you pay for, but if you paid fairly for it, you have earned the right to complain (among other things) should the service not be fair to you as well.
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    I've heard some great things about CyberPixels hosting.

    The support is quite friendly, and very quick to pre-sales query was answered within 30 minutes
    (Heck, the only time I've ever seen them not being incredibly polite was to an ex-client, on the forums. This guy was cursing at both the staff and customers, just because they had terminated his account for uploading pornography...even then, they stood professional.)

    There are several sites I know of that are hosted by them, and the uptime/speed is always great.
    I'd probably go with Cyberpixels if my bandwidth needs weren't so high...
    *Regrets hosting so many of her friends' personal sites*

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    CyberPixels is run by 15-18 year old high school students who couldn't admin their way out of a paper bag. Uptime? They restart their servers every hour or so because they start "getting slow" and that's the only solution they've been able to come up with. Speed? When they aren't busy claiming to be getting DOS attacked or blaming somebody's CGI script for slowing down their bargain basement servers, they're probably rebooting. They also like locking people out of their accounts and trashing their files for no justifiable reason aside from teenaged incompetence. I'm sure there are some 15 year old kids out there who are more than capable of running a web server, CyberPixels just doesn't happen to have any of them on their payroll.

    If you're a 12 year old girl looking for a place to keep a completely irrelevant blog site where you tell people what color you painted your fingernails last night, then they're a great deal. Otherwise, look elsewhere. Or better yet, look through their support forums:

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