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    Thanks for reading my post,

    Well basically I need some one who is fluent in English. Who is preferably in north America or western Europe or eve Australia.

    I need them to manage several of my servers and set new ones up remotely. As well as deal with trouble tickets.

    Majority of the boxes are either REDHAT or FREE BSD. I have shell boxes as well and that would be nice if you could admin those. But you don't have to.

    I would like you to be able to install PLESK CPANEL and ENSIM fairly quickly/smoothly.

    If you think your right for the job get in touch with me please,
    I also want you to tell me your rates none of this "well how much do you want to pay" stuff.

    Contact me
    AIM : GraphicalEdge
    ICQ : 72251955
    EMAIL : [email protected]
    PHONE : 1-877-850-4658

    Thanks again,

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    nice website

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    I am willing to work
    Contact:[email protected]

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