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  1. #1 - Colo Facilities - Anyone Have Experience with?

    Hi, I searched the threads and couldn't find anyone that had experience with level3 colo facilities ( ... if I missed it, I apologize.

    If you have anthing you can tell me about their colo setup including rates you have seen or heard about etc., please post it.

    Thank you.

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    We use L3 throughout the US and they are great! They have OK rates on space but the bandwidth rates are great. Tech support is good during the day slow at night.

    The only problem with Level3 is they have an internal communication problem between employees. Someone will tell you one thing about your configuration while another engineer is telling you something else. If you use them make sure you pay attention to this otherwise you’ll fine something will stop working.

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    they are okay - good pricing btw

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    I find

    I find that to be the case at most colo facility unfort. its just really hard to keep everyone on the same page, thats why i think colo facilitys should use ticketing systems like we do and most dedicated server providers do, that way everything is documented etc. But most colocation facility dont do this. Not that its good or bad, just seems like it would be a easy way to solve the problem. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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