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    Plesk control panel security warning

    I just got a new dedicated server form SoftLayer, and decided to try Plesk for the first time, after using Cpanel on our other servers. Its ok for the most part, except for a major problem that Softlayer cant resolve.
    When trying to access any domain control panel, you get a certificate error, and wont let you go to the main control panel screen without clicking the " continue to website ( not recommended) " link

    While i dont mind this warning when accessing the admin control panel, I cant expect my web hosting customers to have to do this every time they access their control panel. I told Softlayer that i would purchase my own ssl, or whatever they wanted me to do to eliminate this warning screen, but they have told me there is absolutely nothing that can ever be done and that I will have to live with it.
    I dont believe that everyone with a Plesk control panel has this problem, and hope that someone on this forum can help me. If not I will just try and upgrade to cpanel, but Softlayers cpanel pricing ($25.00 per month) is a high price to pay to eliminate the certificate warning from Plesk... hope there is another solution... HELP!!

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    If i did not remember wrongly, the last Plesk control panel I work on also have this warning.
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    It appears that another Softlayer tech that understands english a little better, was able to answer my question: for future viewers that may have this problem... to eliminate the cert error, all you have to do is install an ssl on that domain... each domain accessing their own control panel will also need an ssl for them, one for each domain on the server....

    I installed an ssl as directed, and the problem is solved!!

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