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    Brandability.... Does it matter?

    How many of you guys like to see an option for branding the hosting software you purchase with your logo/slogan? Does it only concern you if it is a control panel that a customer would be logging into.... or would you want to brand EVERYTHING (including the administrator's CP where customers wouldn't log in)?

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    Definitely a requirement for us.....

    skins/themes are absolutely a requirement for anything we're looking at, or anything we're already using. Reseller's require such facilities, and they are to expected if you are going to sell a chunk of resources on a server and delegate them to a big phat reseller customer to break up into 10 or 50 separate accounts.

    Also, the branding process also gives you the ability to remove features & options from the controlpanels per server, or per account packages, or per users.... so you can take out some of the more confusing or buggy options, or the options that aren't supposed to be included in that particular plan.

    Branding/customizing the backend side is also becoming more and more important- as you sell dedicated boxes to single customers that want the panel in question prepped and tweaked a specific way, or for reseller's that have pseudo-admin access..... they usually need a scaled down version of whatever the full-blown admin panel is on the system in question.

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    I'm only talking about the back-end software that only you would have access too (no customers) and you couldn't resell it. Would it really matter then?

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    Originally posted by mindboggle
    I'm only talking about the back-end software that only you would have access too (no customers) and you couldn't resell it. Would it really matter then?
    Personally I don't care what the software only our staff uses looks like. We wrote our own billing backend, and on the administration end of things there isn't even a Front Drive logo. Of course when the client logs in it has Front Drive logos all over the place, but for us working for the company, it's just not one of our main concerns. I'd rather work on real issues then work on branding software that only we can see.
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    Branding isn't such a big deal on the admin area of things. However if the software is designed for client use where their employees are using it, then yea, maybe a nice logo would suffice.

    If it's for your company use, then I would focus on functionality and maybe stick my company logo on the top left corner of it. Pretty much that would be all I'd do.
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    It doesn't hurt to throw in a logo here and there. Its not the much extra work to do. I personally like all the backend to look nice and not just be Times New Roman font.


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    Branding should be nominal on the administrators side of any control panel. But when it comes to the customer side there should be a good amount of branding there.

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