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    * Seeking available support/representative position

    Hello and thank you for taking a few moments to read the following thread!

    I'm currently seeking a position with a quality provider and have listed my short bio., qualifications, interests and other details below.

    Name: David
    Current hideout: Somewhere near Toronto
    Age: 23

    I've been involved in the webhosting industry since about late 2003 and recently have had some additional time open up in my schedule. I'm seeking a position with a company interested in having an additional enthusiastic, responsible and very intelligent team member available to fill a position within their organization.

    My Qualifications:

    4+ years experience in cPanel/WHM/Related software (Thorough knowledge of almost each and every 'quirks', daemons, configuration, backend that it uses). I've also had thorough experience with plesk, directadmin and other systems should be no problem to learn.

    Knowledgeable with most *nix Operating Systems/Flavours, can troubleshoot issues promptly and effectively.

    Very customer friendly via Phone, Livechat and helpdesk/tickets.

    Willingness to ensure all of your client's are thoroughly satisfied.

    I also have a very large range of marketing abilities that I put to use on a daily basis and can offer your company.

    Employer Requirements:

    Preferably multiple years in the industry, however this is negotiable.

    As for salary requirements, general interests and other details:

    Salary/Pay rates are very negotiable, however I will not lowball.
    Onsite or Remote: I have no preference, however for an onsite position there will be additional salary requirements.

    I originally grew up in Ontario and have been travelling throughout the world up until a few years ago. I've got a million hobbies that I'm certain you have no interest in hearing about but I love to Scuba Dive, Sail, Pilot planes and travel during my spare time!

    Once again thank you for your time and consideration, feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns.

    Previous employers: Hostgator, Hostingplex & Powervps

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    Hi David,

    I'd love to speak to you in more detail. If possible we can talk via MSN or AIM. Let me know what's/when's the best for you.
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