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    DomainsAvenue are scumbags!

    I recently join up with's hosting plan. Just about 1 week after my account was up and running(I regret it right away because it was really really slow), they disabled my account! I lodged in a complaint email and my site was up again! THE NEXT DAY! they disabled my site again until now (its been 2 months). I have emailed them 4 times asking them why my site was down, and I didnt even recieve a single reply, up until now i dont even know why my site was disabled. My site is only hosting a forum and only used up about 3MB in total, So im sure i didnt exceed my limit or anything like that!

    Can anyone tell me what legal actions i can take against them? Im really pissed of that they shut down my site without letting me know why, or responding to my request.

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    Well basically your request is similar to most others in here that are scamed by someone. Really there are many things to do. One of which is file with the BBB and also do a whois on their domain and see if you can track them down. Get a phone number and bug them to death. Demand money back and dont host with them if they ever put you back up. Im tired and off to bed..but there are some other ways to go if these dont help and im sure someone will post it in a few minutes. Night.

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