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    Talking Who's the Rackspace of VPS's?

    Hi Folks,

    We're looking for the best-managed Linux VPS we can get. Price and specs aren't nearly as important to us as the level of service and the skill / attentiveness / proactiveness of the host's tech staff. Basically, we're looking for the Rackspace of VPSes.

    So... Can anyone recommend a fully-managed VPS they've had really really great experiences with?


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    They have been great. You can add managed services for $25.00
    Upfront Business Solutions
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    Servint have a good reputation, but there's also many other VPS providers posting on here and discussed on here worth a look at.
    Andrew Cranson, Director of Operations
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    For me it has to be servint over 3 years of amazing service from them.

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    Two names that always come up in threads asking for "the best of the best of the best" are Knownhost (KH) and Liquidweb (LW).

    ["You need five posts before being able to use any of this board's vB code features. Including smilies and linking to URLs." <-- hehe no URLs for you, both are the name dot com].

    I looked at both when the decision was made to leave Verio after 10 years, give or take. KH seemed a touch smaller with a slightly better price, and LW seemed more suitable for accomodating growth.

    I actually never got so impressed by a hosting company before that I was just happy to say they rock, but we have started moving to LW around a month ago (this will be completed by the end of the year), and it truly is great to work with them. They actually provide support which is totally unbelievable. On a couple occasions, we had some issues, and I won't say they always get it right the first time (perhaps blame us for asking in a funny way), but they sure try, so this is absolutely refreshing after "enjoying" the canned reply approach by Verio.

    My vote definitely goes to Liquidweb, and my advice is to use their PIMS (support system, somewhat looks like "private" forum threads) if you need something special done, and don't hesitate replying to PIMS responses from LW staff.

    PS: I am still in a total shock, they really want to help you and succeed ... how can that be ...

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    263 - absolutely no problems here. I would strongly recommend it.

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    wiredtree and liquidweb , knownhost is excellent but it is not managed

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdogg
    wiredtree and liquidweb , knownhost is excellent but it is not managed
    They are semi-managed and have done pretty much everything that I have ever needed to have them do. I know for a fact that they can do many common tasks without issue, e.g. installing a firewall such as APF, compiling eAccelerator w/ PHP, etc.

    I'd say it definitely would not hurt to contact them and see if they are suitable for your needs. Their uptime is absolutely amazing, I don't think I've had any downtime outside of maintenance.

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    Thanks, guys.

    Semi-managed won't do for us. We basically need a VPS that works almost like shared hosting, in that the host will be responsible for making sure everything is always patched, up to date, and configured for security and stability, without our having to ask them to handle each update, etc.

    In fact, we're choosing VPS over shared only for the following reasons:

    1) We need to be able to add PHP and Apache modules from time to time (host should be willing to take care of that for us at no charge or minimal charge)
    2) Want to have the peace of mind that someone else's runaway processes won't affect our site load times or uptime.
    3) Want to be confident that the server isn't too crowded to handle a high-resource, likely high-traffic site we're planning on launching.

    And yeah, if the client could afford several hundred bucks a month in hosting fees, we'd just go dedicated with Rackspace, but they're a nonprofit, and the site won't even be directly making them money, so they can't justify budgeting for that.

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    Try PowerVPS, their service is excellent. If you want to run a forum, you need to get at least their Power 2 package (512 MB guaranteed RAM)

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    I'll second Have had an awesome experience with them.

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    I will also second liquidweb for there great service etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IllustriousCube - absolutely no problems here. I would strongly recommend it.

    Quote Originally Posted by eXor
    I'll second Have had an awesome experience with them.
    Thank you very much guys for your kind words, we try our best.


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    We have VPSs with both PowerVPS and ServInt.. Have been with both for years and both are great.

    Of the two, we prefer PowerVPS. ServInt limits the number of IPs to 32 to box.. PowerVPS has great support and all the techs know what they are doing.

    We started with shared hosting way back and have many scares (and lost clients) by the cheap providers.. PowerVPS is competitive price wise, has a great network and delivers.. Can't say enough about them..

    Best of luck!

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