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    What do you think?

    This isn't our site, but I wondered how you guys would review this particular offering:

    I'm just not sure if I like it or not.
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    some nice graphics and flash......
    but I seriously could not be bothered going through all that just to try and find some info......I actually did try to find out what they offer, but I just got frustrated and closed the browser.......

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    I've seen others say this before and I'd have to agree - I don't really like sites that are done in ALL flash. For one, it cuts out a segment of the net browsing population. It's also non-standards compliant, there aren't very good provisions in flash for disabled people for example (such as the ALT tags in HTML pages). It also requires more system resources than standard HTML (not everyone's PC can render flash files instantly) and time to load. In all, I personaly think it's a good tool to use to replace images and nav buttons and the like, but not great for an entire site. That said, this site did have some very cool flash work.
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    yeah, make the transition of the pages quicker (maybe 1-2 secs max) because I hate waiting. the graphics are really nice and so is the layout but all flash isn't that good.. maybe for a designer's porfolio but you're a Design SCHOOL (formal??)

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    i think its nice but im not a big fan of flash i mean i can stand it in navigation but i just dont like it as a hole site

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