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Thread: Arcade For sale

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    Arcade For sale

    arcade for sale with domain wich can be viewed here

    the script that runs the site is phparcadescript that can be transferd to the new owner

    (please Note) i am within owning the script for 30 days there for i am allowed to transfer the script to another person

    there is a texas holdem game on there if you want to still use you can take over the monthly payments for it wich is $14.99/month the game is from powerwagersystems


    Total Games: 1842
    Overall Played: 4956
    total Members: 143

    domain registerd at godaddy
    expires 2/8/2008

    i have the psd for the header for the site so you can do what ever edits you need

    if you would like info on hits ect.. plz email me @ [email protected]

    Start Bin At $50 Payment PayPal Auction Ends Same Time Tomorow
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    here are a few fetures

    Member fetures

    memebrs register
    members earn points for playing games
    members privite chat

    admin panel

    - Site Configuration
    - Category Admin
    - Add Category
    - Game Admin
    - Add Game
    - Manage Users
    - Add User
    - Custom Pages
    - Add Custom Page
    - Edit Custom Page
    - Manage Messages
    - Manage Comments
    - Banner / Ad Manager
    - Add Advertisement
    - Edit Advertisement
    - Add Advertiser
    - Edit Advertiser
    - Add Ad Zone
    - Edit Ad Zone
    - Manage News
    - Add News Post
    - Newsletter
    - Add Newsletter
    - Edit Newsletter
    - Link Admin
    - Add Link
    - Manage Staff
    - Add Staff
    - Arcade Statistics
    - Search History
    - Ban IP's

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    Hi there,

    If this site is still on auction, please PM me with your statistics (hits, any ad revenue, etc).


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    Have tried advertising the site and if so, what results from YPN or AdSense? Thanks!

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