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    [Hire Me]Insanely Cheap Installs/Configs! Firewalls, Modernbill, WHMAP Plus more!!

    My name is Austin. I have 8 years experience in Web Development. I have done quite a bit a work for those in the webhostingtalk community, and I have quite a few references I am able to provide on request. Below I have provided my services.

    I can install anything on your server for just a fee of $10.00 per install. If you would like any additional installations outside of the first install I will only charge $5.00 per additional install. Here is some of the things I am able to install for you. *All is not listed, please ask If something is not on the list*

    -Team Speak
    -Root Check
    -Control Panels - Cpanel/Direct Admin/Plesk/Web min etc.
    -APF Firewall
    -CSF Firewall
    -Php Live Support
    -Kayako Esupport
    -root breach DETECTOR
    -invision power board

    Plus many more just ask . I can also configure some of these installs for you as well, just ask accordingly.

    Verifiable References:

    "I would definitely recommend his services. He installed and setup ModernBill for me. He was quick and professional all the way. We even ran into problems with my server -- he didn't charge me extra or complaint at all! I'm definitely going to be sticking with him for everything he'd like to do for me! Thanks again for the help!

    Breck Burgess

    I hired Austin to do some 'odd' jobs for me in the past such as layout slicing and coding as well as installing/integrating /configuration of various softwares. What can I say, he is an extremely hard-worker when it comes to getting the job done. I've worked with many people but most haven't given me the level of service Austin has. The best thing is there's no limit as to what he knows or can do, at least not to me I have yet to made use of all his services but I will be very soon!


    Just call him Awesome Austin!! A great help in time of need, I highly recommend him!!!

    I can give you the usernames of others I have worked with, which you may private message to determine there expierences with working with me.


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    Just ask him to do a job and consider it done, and a nice guy too. Nothing is too much trouble. Go on, give him a try, you will not be disappointed

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    I sent you a PM requesting help with moving mail from DA to CPanel - please get back to me as soon as you can.

    Thank you.

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    I want a modernbill installation, contact me at vennoms(at)

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    AustinS - tried to PM but am not permitted for some reason. Email me about some work I need done ASAP. Thanks.


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