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    Question New-to-webdesign Question

    Alright, I am posting... But only out of curiosity..
    How many of ya'll use web page templates? I have a friend that asked me to design a webpage for her and she needs it done yesterday.. Dang I hate being in a rush!

    Worse of all, I hate doing business webpages.. I stick with the small easy stuff.. "Family" pages, or "Just because everyone else has one" pages.. Nothing AT ALL fancy... So here I have been racking my brain attempting all these codes, going nuts, killing myself.. Then I saw chickens pic (NUMMY) and posted, then I got curious and read other stuff....

    Then! I bumped into the "templates for sale" page.. How many of you people use these templates? (Shoot I will fork out the $$ for less headache).. Is it something that is considered bad judgment when buying one and building it from there? How many of your web hosting cool beans use others for your own site?

    Ok, I am rambling.. Need more Starbucks.. Any info thou would be greatly ... appreciated? (I hate spelling)... lol..

    (NOTE: Yes Share I posted again.. Hush...)..

    (another reason I hate posting.. I always forget something and have to add)
    Just an FYI.. Its a small business page selling party stuff.. like balloons and such... Worth it? Or should I continue killing myself?

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    hi there,
    I dont personally use templates, but I dont see anything wrong with using them........I have seen some great ones around for a great price.......

    There are many businesses around that use templates.......My only recommendation would be to find and purchase a template that will only be sold least then you wont have to worry about seeing the same design plastered all over the net


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    They're fine if you find a good one. I don't use them myself, and find a lot of the ones for sale here are pretty poor (slapped together in an hour or less by the looks of it).

    Depending on the client they might be pretty put off if they saw another site that looked like theirs, so I'd suggest being up front about the template use were I in your shoes. As she's a friend I doubt she'll mind too much though

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    * Thanks...

    Thanks for your imputs...
    The "client" is a old high school friend of mine.. We have been buddies for about 10-11 yrs... I she doesnt have a problem with who, what, how.. She just has the when issue.. Like I said she needed it yesterday..

    A question I probably should ask somewhere else.. But.. *Ducking from Mods*..
    In the Templates? Can you change the font color, styles.. Back ground colors? Etc? Or is it what you see in the shots is EXACTLY what you get?

    Thanks for imput.. I see a million people reading the posts and no imput... *Stomping foot*... lol.. ;o)~

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    it'll depend on the designer, and how well they build in customization. In most cases you can ask them to mod it to change colors, fonts etc.

    Done correctly it should be easy to modify

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    This is why templates aren't for everyone. Sometimes, templates just won't be able to accomidate the information in the way you want to present it. Othertimes, the templates work.

    People advertising here will generally specify the level of customization they are willing to do.

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    i liek templates but i would much rather do my own design as uts easyer to understand the coding.

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    I have used templates for customers in the past from and

    These were used strictly to get the customers info online quickly while they were waiting for the custom site to be finished.

    If you buy any template make sure the customer is well aware that it is a template. There is always a chance that they could see the design on another site.

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    I wouldn't triust a host the only uses a template for their webpage. I mean how are they supposed to run a webserver if they can't code html...

    Don't flame... I know alot of people use them for the simple reason that some of them are extremely well done and look great... I'm just focusing on the reseller+template=webhost type... Tis all..
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    Studio: Good point... And actually if a hosting company used them it would be strange? Unless they needed something up now.

    Fortunally I am not a host.. I peek in on the boards, read about hosts, check on current events etc.. I just LOVE this place. I have learned more here than my attempts at collage.

    I was just asked, actually begged to put a small buz page up asap until she was able to pay professionally. Shes not worried about my abilites, becasue she knows them. (Personal friend).. And she knows I really dont want to do it, because I honestly cant do something that creative.

    I have done many, many, many personal pages for friends, family, etc.. Nothing that was actually going to be viewed by complete strangers. (Err... Nothing complete strangers would be buying things from hows that?)...

    Anyway, thanks for the info ya'll.. You have been helpful.. After showing the templates I have run into so far she deffinatly wants to try it.. She doesnt care if someone else has the same one, unless they are selling the same product, in which case she says she will just change her site again.. (Ah!!!! That means more work for me!)...

    Thanks ;o)~

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    Easysite: That place is cool! Thanks for the links.. I will be sure to add that to her page.. She is actually ICQ'ing me all excited and stuff.. haha..


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