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    reliable mysql+php host?

    I'm currently on Futurequest, where I pay $20/month. I find it very reliable and have no complaints about the quality of service. However, their price to add a mysql database (6 actually but I just want 1 or 2) is too expensive for me, ($40/month).

    Can anyone recommend a more affordable and reliable host for someone wanting to learn and play with mysql/php?
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    What other features do you need/require? How much Space/Bandwidth?

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    lstacee - I pm'ed you
    Glide Hosting
    Domain Names and Web Hosting
    Multi-processor, SCSI RAID, redundant, fast support

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    For 20$/month we could get you several MySQL databases, full PHP (and custom script), 1GB of space, 8GB of bandwidth, webmail, 20 email/ftp accounts, etc.

    I'd think, though, that if all you needed was a small account, our Small Foot Plan would be better suited. Why pay more, basically.

    Our product is our support and service, so if there is ever anything you need, there is rarely (if ever) any reason to pay for it.
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    It's a small, text based fan site. Takes about 20MB of space and less than 1GB of bandwidth. I use SSI throughout for a header/footer file and some cgi applications, like a couple of custom guestbooks.

    All I want is what I currently have, plus some PHP/Mysql support.

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    I recommend that you post this in the requests forum so hosts can make offers directly to you. Advertising is not allowed in this forum.

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    they seem to be some of the best affordable hosting in the *nix market..

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    for MySQL hosting, check out this list:

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