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    Problems with

    Oki, don't laugh at me for hooking up with those guys. I know it was a mistake. But unfortunatly I started reading this forum AFTER i had registerd. Then i saw all the comments...

    Well but here is my problem.

    I have sent different mails about problems with e-mail servers etc. And they have answered me fast. But I complained on the speed, and they told me that they had tested it and was ok there (of course) . over 200 kb/s.. But here in norway I where i live, I don't get it over 70 kb/s. And at night here, problably daytime in USA the page doesn't load at all.

    So I sent a email acclaiming my right to get my money back, they advertise with that on the page. Then they simply refueses to reply mails, don't get any answer at all. Have been sending the same mail 3-4 times.

    What shal I do? I wan't to get my money back, and change provider. But what can a little guy in norway do with a big company in the USA?

    Regards Thorbjørn Stensrud
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    Call you bank and place a chargeback on your credit card.
    Good luck.

    By the way look at their unlimited bandwidth stuff and then faq #22.
    Therefore, we set a limit of 5 gigabytes of transfer per month on your domain - anything over this we bill at $12/gigabyte. We reserve the right to shut down any site without notice that is in arrears on payments for overage on traffic.
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    I know that too (unlimited bandwith thing). What happens when i tell my bank to do that? I do have the right to do it? They say they have a 90 day money back guarantee. Thats one sneaky company..
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  4. Call your bank and tell them you want to dispute the charge. You HAVE the right to do so. You may have to fill out some paperwork but in the end there is a 99% chance you'll get your money back
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    I had a friend who also used before.

    They were really quick to respond in the beginning, but after you are a customer, it is a completely different story.

    Take a look at this page....

    Just to setup an email account, you have to fill out some cheezy website form and wait.

    What a joke it is!
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    OMG! Why don't they do what all the other hosts do and just give their users a control panel??
    Santiago Yajan Cruz
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    but it has been awhile since i ordered, not over 90 days though. Do have do "authorize" that bank thing? I guess they don't just want to give cash away?
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    Originally posted by Lord Hassan
    but it has been awhile since i ordered, not over 90 days though. Do have do "authorize" that bank thing? I guess they don't just want to give cash away?

    they dont want give away some dollars???

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    the thing is that to get the price 4.99 you have to buy their "super mega duper value pack" and that one is 2 year commitment. Costed 200$ or something...
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    super mega duper value pack???
    Aquired by Data Provider LLC.
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