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  1. Professional Hosting Template Needed

    Hello All,

    We are in need a very professional looking hosting template. I am looking for something that goes with the company name (Digisurge).

    As far as style I like the templates in these threads: (2nd one)


    I am on a budget. I can only spend less than $50.00. If anyone can meet this budget I would like to talk to you. Feel free to email or PM me.


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    Do you like this one?
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    We buy Hosts.
    icq: 149389211
    aim: konper

  4. Thanks for all the replys everyone. I got a lot of them (and I do mean A LOT!). I am going to browse them over and make a decision tonight.

    Thanks again.

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    Hey, sorry for the late submission but I made a new logo that I thought would make would make it more relevent to you company name.

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    here it is
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