I'm forcing all my dialups users to use my proxy server as default gateway, in order to avoid my router to redirect the request to the cacheraq and save cpu in my router.

Usually everything went ok. Just some w2k and w95 users weren't able to work transparently and it was necesary to setup the proxy setting in their browsers.

Now windows xp has come! I have one customer complaining he can't browse the net, as it's common we instructed him to activate the proxy setting in his browser but it didn't make the magic.. still not browsing.

I went to where a friend who uses windows xp and tried by myself, indeed, the machine can access any web page. Not using proxy setting, nor in transparent. It only work if I disable the routing to the cacheraq and disable the redirection in the router (in order not to cache the conection).

I don't have 2 or three dialup users, we are an ISP and we rely on the cache to save bandwidth. I can't disable the interception in my router or my bandwidth needs will increase to an absurd (in ecuador 1mbit costs around 9000usd/month).

What can I do? will cobalt ever update squid to 2.4? Which patch should I apply to xp as workaround (I can instruct customers to apply patches but not to change their choosed/imposed OS).