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    Opinions - Merchant Solution - Oz/NZ'ers


    (first take note all prices are AUSTRALIAN dollars, so halve them for US dollars)
    Recently I have been setting up several payment gateways for local online business's in Australia.
    This had me thinking whether there is room or interest for yet another online payment solution for the hosting community.

    This is aimed at Australian And New Zealand hosts as only banks from these countries are currently Partners.
    We are authorised resellers for Camtech, which is a leading Australian payment gateway.

    The basic payment process is this:

    A credit card transaction is put thru > the bank is contacted > authorisation is given > money is transferred to your account.
    It might take 1 or 2 business days to reach your account, but this depends on the bank.

    Now, you don't have to have automated transactions but most online stores selling a product do, but hosts may not due to fraud/charge back risks. You could say have your own SSL certificate, get CC details, and process the transaction manual thru a web interface connected to the payment gateway.

    The costs for transactions is the percentage negotiated between you and your bank.. so 1-5%, 2% is the rough average.
    And we would take a transaction fee, say from $0.40 to $0.80 depending on the quantity off transactions you complete
    There is also a upfront fee off approximately $400.00 which basically goes to Camtech and we can’t really avoid…

    We would obviously have to write the software for timed billing etc which is no problems.

    The Pro’s I see is:
    Your business name on client bank statements – Think professional – less charge backs from name confusion
    No waiting for cheques etc, money straight into your account
    Far lower % costs compared to most which charge 5-10%
    You can treat it like a online EFTPOS machine, i.e. charge cards, do refunds etc via a web interface – I.e. phone orders etc
    Allows a very high level off customisation for your webpage, i.e. you don’t have to even have anything on our server (your page would have be accredited tho!)
    Or, your webpage can link to our server which would do all payment processing to ensure everything is done securely. We/You could brand that to your site and customers probably won’t even know they left your site. We’d supply a template you could modify as needed and that way there’d be no more costs from our end.

    Larger upfront set up. Tho I compare this to 12 * 33$ monthly payments, which is what a lot off companies charge per month anyway (we would have no monthly costs)
    Its probably more complicated than most to set-up on your server. That is if you don’t want my company to provide the actual gateway. This has the advantage that you could use your own SSL certificate and never leave your site.

    So what do people think?

    I guess it would also be a good product for web designers clients in Australia/NZ since its already so popular here. I guess I could also offer a referral % for any clients you refer, i.e. you get x% for every transaction they make (like I do from Camtech).



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    What would be the advantage of such a scheme, over using your own EFTPOS machine?

    It seems to me the major advantage is 'real time CC processing' but with the high instances of CC fraud, do you really want your orders processed automatically?

    Maybe this would be of benifit to automate montly payments or the like, but I don't think I would link it into my online-order-form. - Quost WebHosting - Mythellaneous - A shop selling a Collection of Mythical Creatures and Spooks.

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    We'd be interested Hamish, but only if it is up and running within 7 days. With the demise of our payment processor, we're going through our options right now, including a good list of services posted to as well as considering opening up our own merchant facility again. Drop me a line if you have anything that's close to ready.



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    The advantage over EFTPOS machines is automated processing.
    You could for instance set up automated billing or real time credit card processing.

    I guess you could use selected real time processing, perhaps Australian customers only, others have to be approved/checked?

    Some clients of ours send invoices to their customers, who then log in and pay online, much like BPAY etc. This has the advantage that customers know whether it was successful instantly.

    But I guess if you were going to use it purely like a offline EFTPOS then maybe it has no real advantage..
    Unless you have multiple sales staff at multiple locations, that way they can use a online "shared" EFTPOS machine..

    you'd find your bank would take 2 weeks just to get you your merchant account/terminal number set up!
    They are not very quick, far to much paper work.

    The payment gateway could be set up within 2-3 days (best to budget a week), there is a large security checklist we have to go thru before any site is made live.

    This would only include real time or manual processing off cards though, automated billing is still in the works, such that its still speculation on my part.
    Of course we can set up the payment gateway while the bank is doing its thing.

    THanks for the input


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    Yeah give us more info.. PlanetPos has just hit rock bottom and our stupid bank still has not got back to us!

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